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The Choice is Yours

The Choice is Yours is the essential tool for taking control of your life and achieving personal, professional and financial success. This powerful book is filled with information that teaches us why success often eludes us and what changes we need to make in order to achieve what it is that we truly desire.This book focuses on: ● Finding Your Core Needs ● Developing Self Belief ● Building Better Relationships ● Making Better Decisions ● Setting Goals ● Isolating and Overcoming Problems



Starting and Running a Successful Business

Do you want to be in business for yourself? Do you want to be your own boss? Are you planning to fail? Of course you don't want to fail! Let Starting & Running a Successful Business become your guide to preparing for success in accomplishing your dream. Beginning with the Success Journal, you will discover practical ways to establish your business and keep it going, exploring essential topics like: ● Define Your Vision ● What Need Will You Fulfill? ● What Products Will You Sell? ● Overhead ●



Successful Selling Made Simple

Increase Your Sales and Selling Success! Successful Selling Made Simple is an essential primer in presentation and sales whether you work for a small business or in a corporate environment. The winning techniques, strategies, and principles outlined in this book are time tested and will produce extraordinary results. The All-in-One training kit focuses on: ● Customer Satisfaction ● Developing Repeat Sales ● Building Customer Trust ● Essential Teamwork ● Increased Sales ● Presentation...


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