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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent van Gogh



The Power to Achieve

Motivational Speaking, Sales Training, Performance and Business Consulting
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John Tubiolo grew up in a middle-class family where faith, family, and hard work were valued above all else. Growing up he had several physical jobs that would shape his work ethic and help him to define his direction in life. As a child he started his first business selling lemonade and lawn mowing business employing several of the neighborhood kids. It seemed like all his life he was selling something to someone, an idea, a plan, a service, or a product he bought at a garage sale, one could say he was a natural born salesperson playing all the angles. After High School he joined the US Navy before attending College. During his college years he worked selling knives for the CUTCO company honing his sales skills and abilities, but it wasn’t until he went to work for Big Sur Waterbeds where he was able to put all his skill to use. Working his way up from a part time warehouse employee to a new concept store manager with monthly sales of over 1.3 million dollars. In the furniture business the leadership skills he learned in the military were put good use giving him the ability to turn below average stores into top producers by training high producing sales teams and developing effective operational systems. John studied sales and management material like books, videos, and attended seminars from some of the top sales trainers and motivators on the planet. His drive to train and motivate people from all walks of life and inspire them to achieve comes from his desire to give back to the world the information that help make him successful. John’s life, however, was not without failures he experienced setback owning his own businesses forcing him to find creative solutions to overcome the challenges in his life. This led him to one of his foundational teaching “it’s not about what happens to you, what matters is what you do about it.” In his book The Choice is Yours John outlines another foundational principal that “the ultimate power we have in our lives is the power to make decisions and that we can change our direction simple by making different decisions in our lives.” From a failed music career to successful Business Executive John’s life is one that embodies the philosophy of chasing your dreams and see where they lead you.

“Opportunity is not one door that you walk through it is in fact a series of door that continue to open along the path of life. The question is are you so focused on one thing that you fail to see the others? Missing out on all that life offer you. I would suggest you walk through as many doors as you can. All the successful people I know have done more than one thing in life.” John Tubiolo

Through smart saving and investment strategies John Tubiolo has been able to build a lifestyle and net worth that many people dream about and he shares these tips with people through his informational content on his YouTube channel and his books. Sharing this valuable information is John’s life purpose, to help other people avoid the mistakes he has made and putting common sense back into a world who has forgotten simple but effective life principals. John understands that not everyone will become a multi-millionaire, but everyone can live a better life then the one they are living now. That’s why his message is not one of get rich quick but one of building something of value that is sustainable. John is a sought-after motivational speaker, sales trainer, and business consultant with over 25 years of practical experience that changes lives. He lives in beautiful Colorado Springs with his wife of 30 years and his 2 children. From personal and professional development John Tubiolo is dedicated to helping people create a quality life that is duplicatable for generations to come.