What do you Value?

Why is this an important question?

Because your behavior and actions will always support, defend, protect, and produce what you value most. You will always chase what you value most regardless of the damage or harm it causes in your life or to others.

But do you truly value what you think you do? Do your actions and behaviors take you toward what you value or do the separate you from what you value?

I know people who claim they value money, but they spend all their money on things or events rather than saving it. Why? Because they value how they feel when they spend money buying things over having the money, they worked so hard to get.

Very rich people are very protective of their money because they value it over anything else. That is why they are cheap or stingy. Doing anything to protect, defend, and produce what they value most, often at the cost of relationships.

I see this very often in businesses where managers or owners say they value their employees, yet they don't reward loyalty, hard work, or commitment from their people. Instead of rewarding behavior they look for way to punish them. Turning every situation around to make the employee feel less than valued.

People say they value Family and Friends, yet their actions do not support this. They never seem to be there when they are needed but instead want others to be there for them. This is a conflict of what they say they value over what they actually value which is what others do for them not what they do for others. It cannot be a one way street.

Take some time to evaluate what you think you value and look deeper. Do your actions support what you value or do you need to make changes to create the life you want?

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