It’s not all Positive!

I think a lot of people are confused about what it means to having a positive mindset. People assume that if you have a positive mindset that all you do is focus on the positive things that happen and that you never recognize the negative. This for me is simply not true. I see the negative shit that goes on and I do to some degree acknowledge it. The difference is, I don’t dwell on it.

The truth is you must live in both worlds, the positive and the negative. Not acknowledging negativity in any form does mean it doesn’t exist. If you don’t recognize the negative, you cannot change it. I see it, recognize it, acknowledge it and then change it to create the environment or the behavior that I want. Then I live and thrive within that.

I love the world we live in. I have learned far more form all the negative shit that I have been through then I ever did from the success I achieved. Failure is a great teacher. It taught me that I to trust but verify, it taught me to adapt and overcome, it taught me that I own my life, it taught me that some people are full of shit and mean you more harm than good, it taught me that hard work pays off and that there is no easy road, it taught me to never give up, and it taught me who my friends truly are.

I like negativity because it makes me appreciate the positive more and it keeps me on a path to never ending improvement. So, it’s not all positive but it’s getting there, and my world is filled with more positive than negative.

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